О нас

TRIARTUM RECORDS label was created in 2015, by the St. Petersburg composer Anton
Tarasov. Today, it is not enough for the professional musician to have a recording studio, it is
important to offer customers those opportunities which your competitors do not have, to
engage in self-development and to implement new projects. Many people think that
music brand is created for the purpose of earning more money, but in most cases it is
designed also to give an opportunity to like-minded people working in similar musical styles
to be promoted. Anton talks about it himself: «As a composer, making instrumental music, I
would rather give the opportunity to the similar composers or groups to be developed than
promote pseudo-rock or pop music.»
Currently, the track record or, as it’s said, the label catalogue is at the stage of being filled.
TRIARTUM RECORDS can not yet boast of the cooperation with big names, but it is not
surprising, because the pursued goal is completely different — the promotion of young and
ambitious creative individuals whose names are, of course, not famous yet. However, the
possibilities of the label, such as digital distribution, a good design, mastering, and public
relations are sufficient to make these people well-known artists.
Now TRIARTUM RECORDS have global plans for the future. But may they be different, when
the scope of activity can cover the whole